FLUOR Business Management Trainee: James Cheung (started 2015)

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Fluor is a great company to work for. Within a project team you will be working on mega projects in the oil and gas industry. Due to the size of projects, you will quickly gain your own deliverables and responsibilities in the team. This is great, because it allows you to contribute value to the team, project, and Fluor worldwide.

In order to meet expectations of the Company, you will need to perform. You are, however, not on your own – Fluor colleagues, buddies, and mentors will help you to navigate through Company and train your skills.

The learning curve at a job is most challenging and fun when you are trying to do something entirely new. This is exactly what motivates me and hence the reason why the BMT program is great. With 4 rotations of each 9 months you will be gaining a basic set of knowledge that will help you grow and develop even further. Your skillset within this industry will be truly unique. Moreover, you will be getting to know lots of different colleagues and subcontractors that will broaden your network. Altogether, this will contribute to your long-term planning of becoming a project business manager that truly understands the commercial flow with an energy and chemical project.

For your BMT assessment days, I recommend the participants to be themselves. Be a professional in the right context, take initiative, and be assertive and considerate to other participants – they might become your very own colleagues in a future Fluor project. Good luck!

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