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Het schrijven van een motivatiebrief kan erg lastig zijn. Je moet niet te hebberig overkomen en het is ook niet de bedoeling dat je gaat slijmen. Recruiters prikken hier namelijk zo doorheen. Ga jij binnenkort solliciteren bij een internationaal bedrijf? Leg jouw Engelse motivatiebrief naast dit voorbeeld en de baan is al zo goed als binnen!

Dear Jane,

My name is John Doe and I am 22 years old. Currently I am in my fourth and final year of my Bachelor of International Business and Management Studies at the Amsterdam University of Applied Schiences, International Business School (HvA HES). My main fields of study are Marketing, Economics, Accounting, Management and Finance. For my education it is neccessary to do a 5 to 6 months internship to put my accumulated knowledge into practice, to improve myself and to get more knowledge and experience in business life.

I would like to present myself as an organized person who works according to schedules. I am also an eager learner looking forward to improve my overall business knowledge and skills during this internship. Also, during my study I have worked in several team-based projects and therefore I have developed skills to work as part of a team, but I can also work independently if needed. When there are some setbacks, which can always occur, I am not afraid or scared to reach for help as I think that two know more then one and together it is always easier to come up with a solution then by yourself. Furtermore, I have good computer skills and master three languages.

As can be read on my resume, I have professional experience in the restaurant business. This part time job has taught me how to work in a team, work under pressure, make quick decisions according to the needs of the customer and the customer-oriented. Every customer has their own specific needs, so I have to act accordingly to satisfy them.

I hope you will take this letter as a sincere proof of my interest and motivation to have an internship. With my capablities, room to grow as a person and interest to learn more about business life, I think I am a suitable candidate for this position. I hope this will lead to a personal interview where I can elaborate on who I am and what I am capable of.

Please feel free to contact me via email or telephone, should you have any questions or wish to discuss my application. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours faithfully,

John Doe

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