General Management Traineeship

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  • Name: Koen de Ruiter 
  • Track: General Management Traineeship 
  • Studied: Banking and Finance, Strategic Management
  • Trainee year: first 

The Onboarding Days 

Finally, the onboarding days! After an intensive selection trajectory with multiple assessments, interviews, role-playing, and a summer holiday in between, it was finally time to go to The Hague and meet the other trainees and our future colleagues. Fresh as a daisy, I stood next to my bed on the first of September, full of enthusiasm and motivation. 

When I arrived at the NN headquarters in The Hague, I had breakfast with the other trainees. So exciting to see how everybody was equally enthusiastic and motivated to start-off this Traineeship with a blast! The trainees from the 2020 cohort organised these onboarding days for us, a yearly tradition. The future looked bright: all CEO’s of most departments, the Management Board and even David Knibbe came to introduce themselves and their departments to us.  

The onboarding days were long, full of information, fun and exciting all at the same time. It was exciting to see how all CEOs had the same story and vision for the future of NN and even the same mindset. All speakers constantly had the core values of NN – Care, Clear & Commit,-  in mind and acted in congruence with them, seemingly falling back on these values before making a decision. 

The First Week of the General Management Traineeship 

After the onboarding it was time to get ‘the hands out of the sleeve’ and start on my assignment (at least that is what I thought). For my first assignment I got placed in the Pensions department. My assignment is basically about making the lifecycles more personal. Simply put, a lifecycle concerns the allocation of assets in a personal account of someone holding pensions over the period of time until a person is at the pensionable age. I am super excited about this assignment and especially with the new ‘Pensioenakkoord’ it is very relevant and important to make these lifecycles more personable and to make sure people take more interest in their pension. 

I did not expect to find pensions interesting in the beginning.  But the opportunities that come with this trainee assignment, how you can be creative in this process and basically “flow through the organisation” to get more pieces of the large pension puzzle is very interesting. Moreover, the many different angles to approach this assignment and the dynamic environment created by the new ‘Pensioenakkoord’ makes it a very exciting department to work at. I really hope I can make the general public think about their pension as an investment opportunity instead of a boring obligation.   

Hands out of the sleeve –Drinking Coffee

My supervisor told me that my first couple of weeks can probably be summarised as drinking coffee and trying to grasp the organisational structure of the Pension department. Well.. was he right! Although the first week was quite overwhelming, it simultaneously felt really nice and warm. All colleagues were happy to have a coffee with me (my coffee tolerance is through the roof now) and reassured me that the feeling of chaos is normal. Moreover they provided me with the freedom to get settled and were very understanding with the inconveniency that comes with the working from home. I am very happy with my assignment and I am looking forward to the upcoming six months!

If you have any questions about my experience this far, or if you just want to have a (virtual) coffee, do not hesitate to contact me on: +31623387209 or 

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