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Many students find it challenging to pick a career after they finish their studies, as it is a large commitment that will likely determine a significant part of your future life. Selecting an employer and a specific job function is even more complicated, especially since students generally have not yet experienced what such a position is truly like. For me, the traineeship at NN was the perfect solution for these challenges as it allows you to explore many different business units, job functions, projects, and tasks throughout the company. It is also designed in such a way that you quickly build a large network within the company, thereby providing you with many potential sources of both career and personal advice.

Design of the Traineeship

Trainees at NN have the opportunity to rotate through various assignments. Since I am in the investments track, this means I am rotating through various teams within NNIP. Regardless of what track you are in, these rotations are generally in different business units where responsibilities are handed to you quickly. Because of this, your assignments give you the full experience of what a permanent position would be like in the respective team. It also leads to a very steep learning curve in which your experienced team members play an important role. They are experts in their field and can teach you the ins and outs of their field. The traineeship programme also contributes a lot to this steep learning curve by focusing on personal development and training. 

Variety in Assignments

As a trainee, there is a wide range of assignments available. Every assignment is unique, and especially for the assignments towards the end of your traineeship you have the ability to tailor it for your interests, development goals, and so forth. During my first assignment, I joined our Multi-Asset team where I constructed indicators and incorporated these into their quantitative model which forecasts market returns for various asset classes. My academic background was not purely focused on quantitative modelling, so for me this was already substantially different than what I was used to. I similarly had not previously worked with SQL or Python, whereas I had to work with both during this assignment.   

For my second assignment I joined our Green Bonds team, where I performed bond analysis and worked on the development/launch of a new fund. This was completely different from my previous assignment, and even within the assignment itself there were a lot of different tasks that had to be balanced. For my final assignment, I have joined the Corporate Loans team of Alternative Credit. Again a team with various responsibilities ranging from portfolio management to loan origination.

Unique Opportunity

For me, the diversity in tasks was one of the main reasons I applied to the NN traineeship. In my opinion it gives starters the chance to learn more about the company and its various business units than with any other starting position. Especially for those who would still like to explore various roles before committing to a more specific long-term position, it is a perfect match. And perhaps most importantly, the traineeship will allow you to meet many amazing colleagues along the way. If you think the NN Traineeship is a good fit for you as well, I encourage you to reach out to me at roel.van.broekhuizen@nnip.com or through LinkedIn for more information.

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