Arthur D. Little: Business Analyst

Arthur D. Little: Business Analyst
- On 03 October 2014
Arthur D. Little: Business Analyst 3

Jeroen is business analyst at Arthur D. Little and he started working in 2013. He finished his MSc in Organic Chemistry with combination program Science in Business and Policy at the University of Groningen. Jeroen will answer some questions about working at Arthur D. Little.

What do you like most about Arthur D. Little?
The teamwork with energetic fellow consultants and the challenging projects we work on.

What do you consider your most pleasant or challenging project at Arthur D. Little?
A very challenging project has been a risk assessment for a multinational chemical organization. It involved an extensive investigation into business risks at a certain facility based on three levels: industry trends, cluster attractiveness and supply sustainability. Since the project was conducted by a relatively small team, I was responsible for a great deal of the analyses. This was rather exciting as I did not have any experience in analyzing an industry or assessing business risks yet. In the end the project was very well-received by the customer, which made me feel proud of my contributions and convinced me of my capabilities to perform these kind of difficult analyses.

What is your greatest ambition?
Starting my own brewery.

What is your favourite way to spend your leisure time?
Enjoying some well-deserved beers after an enervating cycling tour through the Ardennes or a day of skiing in the Alps.

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