Arthur D. Little: Business Analyst

Arthur D. Little: Business Analyst
- On 03 October 2014
Arthur D. Little: Business Analyst 0

Ivo is business analyst at Arthur D. Little and he started working in 2012. He finished Financial Engineering & Management at Twente University. Ivo will answer some questions about working at Arthur D. Little.

What do you like most about Arthur D. Little?
The down-to-earth mentality of the consultants, working as a team and attention to personal life.

What do you consider your most pleasant or challenging project at Arthur D. Little?
3-month project in Istanbul creating the growth strategy for a multi-billion dollar company – an interesting project with a fun team at a top location!

What is your greatest ambition?
Successfully combining continuous development with exciting projects and personal life.

What is your favorite way to spend your leisure time?
Playing a round of golf or other sports with friends, enjoying various cities around the world and of course taking my BMW for a ‘leisure’ drive!

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