Arthur D. Little: Manager

Arthur D. Little: Manager
- On 03 October 2014
Arthur D. Little: Manager 2

Marijn is manager at Arthur D. Little and he started working in 2007. Prior to Arthur D. Little, Marijn was a commercial excellence Consultant at DSM. He got a degree in International Business (Tilburg University) and Business Management (Universidade Catolica Portuguesa in Lisbon). Marijn will answer some questions about working at Arthur D. Little.

What do you like most about Arthur D. Little?
Cracking tough puzzles with sharp and ambitious people

What do you consider your most pleasant or challenging project at Arthur D. Little?
Supporting 15 leading chemical companies to develop consistent sustainability metrics and policies (with meetings at interesting locations across the globe!)

What is your greatest ambition?
Successfully combining family life, friends, a challenging career, training for a triathlon and having a positive and lasting impact on the world!

What is your favourite way to spend your leisure time?
Strolling around in a city I have never been before, on the lookout for a nice bar or restaurant

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