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- On 20 November 2014
Associate Consultant Bain & Company 2

Why Bain?

The enthusiastic people working at Bain and the atmosphere in the office convinced me that working here would not only be a fantastic opportunity, but also great fun. Even more, the people at Bain are very eager and open to learn, which facilitates an environment that promotes success. It is exactly what I am looking for in a job.

My passion

My biggest passion is to travel and explore; and this passion has taken me to places like Tibet, China, Cuba and New Zealand. I find the diversity in different countries and cultures to be an eye-opening experience, which teaches you a lot about yourself. In a similar way, I highly value the diversity in the cases that we work on at Bain since each new experience adds so much more value to your knowledge, skills and capabilities making work a profound learning experience.

My favorite case

Recently, I have been working on an international pricing project. To start, we were responsible for determining the potential loss of value if cross-country prices were to be harmonized. Next, we had to come up with ways to reduce the size and the risk of the potential value loss. What I took away, was Bain's ability to translate complex analyses to concrete recommendations and create client ownership at an early stage. Working closely with the client and extensively involving them in our analyses was a great way of witnessing the added value in our work.

My perspective on diversity at Bain

Bain fosters an atmosphere were everyone has an opportunity to invest their own knowledge, skills and capabilities into the case. This is reinforced by the diversity of the people working at Bain. With so many diverse backgrounds in the Bain teams we can all rely on rich scope of insights, making working in such an environment truly intruiging.

A final thought

For me, the bottom line is that determining where to start or continue your career is a gut feeling as to whether you envision yourself enjoing the work in a particular firm. Specifically, the connection with the people in an office are important because you'll be spending a significant amount of your time with them. Being able to have a laugh or a deeply philosophical discussion is a great way to test your gut feeling about which firm to choose.  

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