Associate Consultant Bain & Company

Pak, knoop
- On 20 November 2014
Associate Consultant Bain & Company 3

Stef werkt als Associate Consultant bij Bain & Company.

Why Bain?

After a wonderful experience during my time as an intern the choice for starting my career at Bain was obvious. During my first case I really felt that my manager invested to drive my understanding to a higher level. The focus on professional development and responsibility you get from day one definitely make Bain the company I want to work for.

My passion

During my time in college I got involved in a broad set of projects that ranged from a full-time research project on sustainable wave energy conversion to entrepreneurship in the Dutch education market. It was not until the end of my time at the Delft University of Technology that I realized that I'm not passionate about just one thing, but that I'm passionate about experiencing many new and different things. That is why Bain is such an inspiring environment for me. The dynamic environment and possibilities to grow give me the right energy.

My favorite case

During my internship I worked on the re-organization of an international supplier of construction materials. It was a fun case because everything was new to me. I got good insights into the Bain way of working, which was very inspiring. The team was small and therefore I got to know everybody quickly and felt very welcome.

A final thought

Looking back, doing an internship was the best way to really make a decision on what I wanted to do. Bain offers a full-time job experience during its internship program, which gives an excellent feel of the job.

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