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- On 20 April 2015
Associate Consultant Bain & Company 4

Scarlett, Associate Consultant Bain & Company in Amsterdam

Why Bain?

What attracts me to Bain is the energetic and result driven working environment. People at Bain are passionate about their work, are eager to learn and are willing to help eachother. Every time I meet people from Bain around the world it becomes more clear to me what the term "Bainie" stands for. To me Bainies are enthusiastic, inquisitive, hardworking and adventurous people who want to get the most out of life.

My passion

What I truly enjoy is the opportunity to work in a variety of different  industries. It brings you in contact with new places, cultures and people. I am happy to be given the chance to keep this wide focus during an extensive part of my career. Outside of the office my biggest passion is jazz music. Singing with my bigband or jazz combo are things I would not want to miss!

Furthermore, I love scuba diving and I am already looking forward to the next Bain ski trip!

My perspective on diversity at Bain

I believe diversity is an important objective for a company. Right from the first ten-day international training I experienced that Bain succeeds in reaching this goal. Diversity not only makes the job more fun, it also stimulates out-of-the-box thinking, causes for original solutions and creates a great learning environment when it comes to different educational backgrounds.

An example of how Bain invests in diversity is the "Women at Bain" network. This initiative provides woman with professional guidance as well as a great social network.

A final thought

When you are in the phase of choosing your (first) job I would really try to imagine how it would be to go to work every day. Imagine how you would feel when you would be placed in a team with people you spoke to during recruitment events. Would you be excited to go to the office? Would you have fun with these people? Would you feel challenged by the job? Would you feel driven to deliver good results and would it give you energy? For me, answering "yes" to these questions made me decide that Bain was the right place.

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