Associate Consultant Bain & Company te Amsterdam

Associate Consultant Bain & Company te Amsterdam
- On 20 November 2014
Associate Consultant Bain & Company te Amsterdam 0

Maarten, Associate Consultant Bain & Company: It might sound clichéd, but the people at Bain were the decisive reason to choose Bain. 

Why Bain?

It might sound clichéd, but the people at Bain were the decisive reason to choose Bain. During my informal meetings and interviews, I noticed the joy and energy that Bainees showed towards me as a potential candidate, but perhaps even more important, towards each other. A consultant once told me that Bainees take their work very seriously, but they don't take themselves too seriously. I think this toned down attitude combined with the open office culture makes working at Bain so great.

My passion

Within Bain, I love to spend time on recruiting activities. Because I only recently joined the company, I am able to tell potential candidates about my own experiences in career orientation and interview preparation. In the future, I would like to be involved in one of the numerous Bain activities regarding social- and community work.

Making a difference at social level has been a passion for me for a long time already. In my personal life I volunteered as supervisor for four years at an annualsummer camp for children from families in problematic social economic environments. After my graduation last year, I was teaching English and Mathematics at a primary school in Kenya. Afterwards I spend time on a second passion; travelling.

In an international group, I travelled through seven different African countries from Kenya to South Africa.

My favorite case

Despite the fact that that I only recently joined Bain & Company, I have already learned so much about the company, the business and myself. In my first week, I got a warm welcome. My assigned buddy gave me an office tour, introduced me to my new collegues, and helped me with getting started. I had a three day introduction training where all the basics were touched upon. This August I will go on a ten day training in the United States with all the global starters at Bain. I am looking forward to learning about the Bain toolkit and meet all my peers! Currently, I am finishing my first case in the semiconductor industry. It was a very educational experience and I can't wait for my next case to start!

A final thought

In the short time that I have been at Bain I have gotten to know the company well. I am truly surprised by how accurate everything I had been told about Bain was. All stories that people from Bain told me about the company's culture, activities and employees, everything turned out to be completely true!

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