Associate Consultant Bain & Company te Amsterdam

Associate Consultant Bain & Company te Amsterdam
- On 20 November 2014
Associate Consultant Bain & Company te Amsterdam 0

Merijn, Associate Consultant Bain & Company:

Why Bain?

After I had seen all the major consulting firms I noticed that Bain represented what strategy consulting meant to me: work in a challenging and inspriring environment, with enthusiastic and brilliant people, aimed at delivering results and truly help people to make a jump forward. The level of energy, the way Bainies interact and how everybody respects each other showed me that Bain was different than the other major consulting firms. Different in a way that fit with who I am and what I like. This all together made bain my number one.

My passion

My big passion besides my work, is recreational and competitive sailing. I love to make long sea journeys, but also just to go for a couple of hours, a day or a weekend. Sailing takes my mind of everything else and lets me work together in a team to achieve one result, whether that is being the first to finish or just enjoy the wind, sun and sea. Especially in off-shore races, sailing can let you and your team compete with nature and force you to your limits. This unique experience shows me that limits can be shifted.

Come summer I will be competing in the IFKS, a Dutch local (Friesland) championship with old traditional sailfreighters. And I also plan to make a long sailing trip with a group of friends some day.

My favorite case

In one of my first projects we had to map the customer satisfaction for utility companies in the Netherlands. I got the responsibility to set up and monitor a survey  and, after the survey was finished, analyse the results to detract valuable insights. The level of responsibility and, in the mean time, support if and when needed really helped me to get the most out of myself and the learning possibilities during that case. This way of working is what truly motivates me and enforces my passion for the work I am doing.

A final thought

When I had to decide where to go I asked myself one question, how will I walk into the office every morning. Do I feel at ease or not? When I met people from Bain they gave me the feeling I belonged there and I can only say that feeling has been confirmed ever since.

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