Boston Consulting Group Strategy Marathon ervaring

Boston Consulting Group Strategy Marathon ervaring
- On 06 November 2014
Boston Consulting Group Strategy Marathon ervaring 3

Jan received his Master's degree in information management from Tilburg University. In this article he shares his experience of the business course BCG Strategy Marathon.

“In my opinion, business courses serve a twofold goal. To see if you like the industry, and to see if you like the company.”

When I participated in the BCG Strategy Marathon, I had already made up my mind about strategy consulting. The combination of working with intelligent people on short, high impact cases and the opportunity to see a wide variety of industries and type of projects seemed to perfectly suit the goals I had in mind for my first job. The sole question remaining was: "At which firm do I want to work?"

The Strategy Marathon really helped me answer that question. In two days, I got the chance to meet and work with (future) BCG people in a real life setting. What struck me most was the informal way people communicated and exchanged thoughts, from associate level to partners. Also, the relaxed atmosphere in the office and the fact that people actually seemed to enjoy their work appealed to me. Furthermore, the evening program proved that "being a colleague" goes beyond your daytime project.

Among others, this experience convinced me BCG was the company that would fit best. In retrospective, I can only confirm the impressions the Strategy Marathon gave me. The projects are fun and challenging, but above all it is my colleagues and the atmosphere in the office that make this job worthwhile.

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