Consultant Bain & Company te Amsterdam

Consultant Bain & Company te Amsterdam
- On 20 November 2014
Consultant Bain & Company te Amsterdam 0

Danielle, Consultant Bain & Company te Amsterdam:

Why Bain?

I chose to work for Bain for two main reasons. Firstly, the flexibility with which Bain approaches every individual's career. They create the possibility for everyone to follow their personal development path, which may or may not include an MBA, transfers or experience leaves. This flexibility and focus on the individual as opposed to a 'standard development path' is very valuable to me.

Secondly, and most importantly, I chose Bain for the people that are now my colleagues. Everybody is very passionate and enthusiastic, both inside and outside of the office, which creates a great environment to work in.

My passion

My biggest passion outside of the office is my interest in different countries and cultures. I am always busy planning my next trip and aim to visit a new country and experiencing a new culture every year. I enjoy the challenge of working in intercultural teams, with all cultural challenges that come along, and still achieve extraordinary results. Bain supports my passion by currently having me work on a very international case, in which I facilitate workshops in several countries with people from all over Europe.

My favorite case

I have worked on many cases in a very diverse set of industries and so far, I have enjoyed them all. My favourite case, however, was a case in the building industry. A large conglomerate was thinking of selling three of its daughter-companies, and Bain was asked to help these smaller companies to build a business plan for the following 3-5 years. My role included working together with the CFO's of each of these three companies and make finance predictions. It was great to really think in such a strategic way about the future of these companies, the products they would invest in, the projects they would take up, etc. We facilitated 6 client workshops in this period and I especially liked the valuable discussions with the board and our opportunity to 'challenge' their vision and together make it better. By the end of the case, we had great business plans that both the mother company ánd the daughter companies were very happy with. In this case, we did not only help the large mother company with the sale of the smaller companies, but also had great impact on the quality of the strategic plans and outlook of the daughter-companies.

My rating