Een dag in het leven: Ilse A.T. Kearney

Gloeilamp, geverfd
- On 03 October 2014
Een dag in het leven: Ilse A.T. Kearney 5

Ilse is an associate at A.T. Kearney in their Amsterdam office and in this article he gives you a look in a day of his life at A.T. Kearney.

This morning I jumped into my car to drive to the client. On my way I have some internal A.T. Kearney related calls including: resources for the update of our website with Marc-Jan, Arne on the topics on our upcoming Friday In the Office (FIO), and Kristel (A.T. Kearney colleague) calls me to check if I can manage to do some sport on Thursday instead of Tuesday this week.

As soon as I'm at the client site I have a meeting with Roger about a presentation that we are preparing for the supervisory board. Since we are managing a very large transformation, which will completely change the way the client's business is run, the supervisory board needs to be informed quarterly. Today Roger and I are going to discuss our draft story line with the client. The meeting goes well, and the client wants to make some adjustments. However, we only have limited time before the board has to approve it. So after the session, I discuss the required changes with Roger and discuss possible solutions and sketch the new slides.

Halfway through the afternoon I finish the presentation. After a quick review session with the manager on the case (Rutger), I send the presentation to the client. He immediately replies that he is really pleased with the result!

The last part of my day I spend on a different topic for this project. It is a spin-off from an earlier work stream I've worked on for this client. Together with Lilia (consultant working on this topic) and Bart (our intern) I am analysing the financial impact of our recommendations. It's exciting that I've been able to structure the problem on my own with minor feedback from Rutger and Roger! Together with Lilia I've set up a planning, arranged resources with Paul (program manager from the client), and helped Lilia and Bart get started. It is exciting to be able to have so much impact on our client! Before the end of the day I ask Bart to give the client an update on our progress this week.

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