Een dag in het leven: Roger A.T. Kearney

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- On 03 October 2014
Een dag in het leven: Roger A.T. Kearney 5

Roger is a manager at A.T. Kearney in their Amsterdam office and in this article he gives you a look in a day of his life at A.T. Kearney.

Today starts very busy. The whole morning is filled with several important meetings. Since Anne the principal on the project is on holidays I have to replace her in some important meetings with the client.

After I had a good breakfast at the hotel and read today's newspaper, I have some time to prepare for the two meetings and the interview, which are all scheduled in the morning. The first appointment starts at nine o'clock in which we are presenting the progress of the transformation program to the advisory council (RvC). Ilse has prepared it well and within an hour we have walked through the whole document with the client and have written down all the required changes. I quickly discuss the recent changes with Ilse and hope she has enough time to go through with these changes before we have to send it to the board of directors later this afternoon.

Afterwards I have to rush to my interview. Together with Nathan I conduct the interview, which involves two of the client's business unit directors. Following this interview, Nathan and I evaluate our observations and conclusions and decide on what this means for this part of the project. We have to incorporate these insights into the overall story line and make new recommendations; it will be challenging to integrate this into our conclusions of all the other interviews. Based on the hypothesis, we determine what the next steps will be. To conclude, Nathan tells me an intern from Belgium will join us in two weeks for the upcoming month. This gives us some more "manpower'" to be able to finish this project before the end of next month!

After lunch I start working on another presentation, and with a little luck I will be able to have my first draft ready by the end of next week. In the afternoon, I discuss the final document for the advisory council Ilse made—she did a great job! In addition I have some discussions with the client and the rest of the team on what our main priorities are for the next steering committee and which subjects need more attention.

To conclude the day I drive back to the hotel and have dinner together with Bart. He has been an intern on our project for almost two months now. We have an interesting discussion on an analysis he did today and agree we have to look into that further tomorrow.

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