Een dag in het leven: Rutger A.T. Kearney

- On 03 October 2014
Een dag in het leven: Rutger A.T. Kearney 3

Rutger is a manager at A.T. Kearney in their Amsterdam office and in this article he gives you a look in a day of his life at A.T. Kearney.

It's my first day back after three weeks of relaxing, I just came back from a wonderful holiday with the family! My mailbox is full with emails. I quickly scanned yesterday on the TGV from Marseille to Paris, which gave me the expression that a lot happened the last three weeks. A new two-week project will start today on which I will work together with Dean. The project is complex and difficult but has big potential.

I jump in the car and phone Roger to get up to speed. He informs me about the most important events of the last three weeks and we discuss what needs to be done this week. Afterwards I have a phone call with Nathan from Spain about the new project. He informs me about the background, the objectives, and sensitivities I have to take into account. It is a very challenging and interesting assignment—we are really on top of all the changes in the marketplace here, and since my other project is very related it should be possible to deliver excellent results. Once I arrive at the client's office, I have to meet up with the secretaries to go through the agenda. I have the first meeting with the client and I sit together with Dean to determine how we will setup and execute the project. We have some lively discussions, make some sketches on the white board, and at the end of the meeting we have multiple flip charts with the approach, important hypotheses, and other remarks. To start the project, Dean and I will schedule some interviews.

But first I have to prepare for a steering committee meeting I have this afternoon. The meeting goes considerably well, there are some issues we have to manage, but everybody is confident we will be able to deal with these. The meeting is hardly over, when I have to prepare another meeting I have with the board member responsible for the new project. Together we test the hypotheses and discuss the client team that should get involved. I have to read through the most important documents, discuss these with Dean, and prepare the discussion points.

At the end of the day, I finally have some time to catch up with all the other A.T. Kearney consultants on the project and give them the short summary of my holidays. But not before we have headed out for a run in the forest around our hotel.

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