Ervaring Senior Consultant Amoria Bond

Ervaring Senior Consultant Amoria Bond
- On 06 February 2015
Ervaring Senior Consultant Amoria Bond 4

Senior Consultant tells about his career switch to Amoria Bond

Prior to working at Amoria Bond, I was engaged as a Senior Consultant with another recruitment consultancy, specialising in the SAP market for 7 years. Here I experienced much of the highs and lows of contract recruitment. I was pretty much left to my own devices with no training or real guidance and yet managed to rise through the ranks, winning some serious accounts, with just over 20 contractors working for me at one point. Unfortunately, I stagnated and became pretty much disillusioned with no prospects to grow in the company and no opportunities to further advance my career. I soon fell into ‘no man’s land’ and as any seasoned recruiter will know if you have experienced this it is extremely difficult to pull yourself out of. I joined Amoria Bond in August 2011 as a Senior Consultant. I am responsible for contract recruitment on our Senior Appointments team. There were several reasons for me approaching Amoria Bond. The first was our reputation in the market place. Amoria Bond were pretty much talk of the town with regards to the growth they were experiencing coupled with a unique way of really valuing and looking after their employees (I had some ex-colleagues working here so knew firsthand how different things were here). Secondly, Amoria Bond was winning awards for training and development, something which I wasn’t ashamed to say I could benefit from.

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