Ervaring Senior Consultant Strategy&

Ervaring Senior Consultant Strategy&
- On 15 January 2015
Ervaring Senior Consultant Strategy& 0

Lars is Senior Consultant bij Strategy&. Hieronder vertelt hij zijn verhaal, in het Engels.

  • Joined the Firm in 2011
  • MBA sponsorship approval in Spring 2013
  • Worked on various assignments in Energy, Chemicals and Utilities, Consumer, and Health
  • Managed two consultants on a project in Milan and gained early job management experience in Summer of 2013
  • Promoted to Senior Consultant in Spring 2013

What inspired you to join Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company)?

While I was studying at the RijksUniversiteit Groningen, I participated in a three-day Strategy& business course in the Amsterdam office called “The Game”. I was immediately thrilled by the assignments and intrigued by the people I met. I decided to apply and, during my interview rounds, I became even more convinced that this was the place where I wanted to start my career because the interviewers provided me with amazing project examples. Without exception the examples were high-impact, challenging, complex and international. However, the thing that struck me most was the genuine enthusiasm that the interviewers had as they talked about their work and their working environment. I instinctively knew this was a place I wanted to be part of and I was absolutely thrilled when I got the offer to join as a consultant.

What's been your most rewarding project to date?

My most rewarding project was a project focused on improving the quality of elderly care in Amsterdam. Working jointly with all stakeholders, we interviewed everyone involved in the care process, from board members to care-givers. We discovered that the problem was not exactly what our client thought it was! The elderly care companies had been focusing on the wrong issues and as a consequence were facing quality issues. It was this discovery that made the most impact in the end, and which I found most rewarding. With our assessment and approach, our client has been able to make direct positive changes in the way elderly care is delivered for the benefit of those who need it most.

What advice would you offer others joining the firm?

Watch and learn. The cooperative style of working at Strategy& means you can really benefit from the diverse contributions people make to solve a problem. Working with different people all the time, you're in the position to learn from their best practices while developing your own style. That will make you a strong consultant in the end.

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