Global financial markets rotation programma Rabobank

Global financial markets rotation programma Rabobank
- On 14 November 2014
Global financial markets rotation programma Rabobank 0

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Describe a ‘typical’ working day: you arrive at work in the morning and then…?

"I arrive at the Rabobank before 8 am and start with reviewing the recent activities within the financial markets. For this I use news related websites in combination with Bloomberg and internal research. Afterwards, you participate in the morning meeting and continue to work on your personal assignment. This assignment might entail the making of a report or a presentation, or the creating/ updating of an excel sheet. For example, it could be that you and your peers are asked to analyse a company, and write a report on your findings. However, it could also be that you have to seek a partnership with a third company, hence contacting various internal and external parties. In the meantime, you listen and look along with the deals that are made at the desk. This allows you to use a practice version of the systems with which you can price deals, whilst asking your colleagues questions if there are any. Finally, you will be taken on as many activities as possible, like customer visits, analyst meetings, client outings/ drinks, presentations, dinners, etc. You are always asked to prepare for these and subsequently write a report about the activity if possible."

What have you learned so far and what do you expect from the future?

"I have learned a lot about financial markets and the variety of products. In addition, you learn a lot regarding customer contact and improve you PowerPoint and Excel skills. My goals for the near future are to fully understand and master the different products and to bring solutions to various customer problems."

What are your experiences of the culture within the Rabobank in general and within your department in particular?

"The culture at the Rabobank is very open and friendly. Within the GFM Rotation Programme we work hard when necessary, but we also take time to discuss things when necessary."

What were your expectations when you chose the Rabobank as your employer, and what have been your experiences in practice?  

"My expectations were that the Rabobank would be a good employer with an eye for its employees. My experiences in practise confirmed this, as you are given a lot of attention during the programme."

If you were trying to recruit candidates for the GFM Rotation Programme, why should a candidate choose the Rabobank?

"The Rabobank provides great education and mentoring. Moreover, you are given a lot of space to execute your assignments and you are exposed to many different elements of the job, both internally and externally."

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