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- On 08 December 2014
John - Client Acquisitions Meltwater 0

Two weeks ago we asked Life @ Meltwater readers what they would want to ask a Meltwater Sales Consultant. Rather than hearing solely from our more professionally matured employees (i.e. our Managing Directors and Area Directors) we thought it might be more relevant, and perhaps more interesting, for you to hear directly from those who just started their careers at Meltwater and what their experiences are really like – instead of just what the bosses say they’re like.

I was able to talk to two of our Sales Consultants from complete opposite sides of the world about their careers at Meltwater. I first spoke with John who recently started with Client Acquisitions in its new Austin Office.

Life @ Meltwater: What are the daily challenges and rewards for Sales Consultants?
John: One of the biggest challenges facing sales consultants just starting their is learning to keep up with an evolving industry. Learning a new business from the ground up has been exciting for me in terms of turning newly acquired skills into something of much greater value. The rewarding part comes when you can build enough value to turn a client into a buyer.

Life @ Meltwater: What’s the first day like? How were the team and management?
John: My first day working at Meltwater was filled with energy, enthusiasm and encouragement. After deciding to retire from a career in professional football, I was excited to begin a career at meltwater, a new chapter in my life and being welcomed by such a supportive team helped me to make that transition.

Life @ Meltwater: Does management provide support and does that support continue?
John: I’ve had the luxury of beginning my career at Meltwater under the guidance of Ryan Kinskey. Originally, it was just the two of us in the Austin office so I’ve received a lot of invaluable one on one training working with Ryan.

Life @ Meltwater: Do you need previous sales experience?
John: I am a good example that one doesn’t need to have tremendous experience in sales in order to have a good career at Meltwater or to perform well. But one does need to possess good communication skills, an ability to interact and network with people, and a strong work ethic. I believe if you have these skills and take one day at a time, the sales will take care of themselves..

Life @ Meltwater: What is the biggest challenge?
John: Another challenge faced by new sales consultants is getting lost in the grandeur of the job. It’s fair to say that Meltwater offers the promise of quick promotions, the opportunity to open new offices in great cities, and to work in other countries. It’s true that these opportunities are inviting but none of these things are earned without hard work.

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