Life as a trader - Freek Niewerth

- On 07 October 2016
Life as a trader - Freek Niewerth 0

Flow Traders is a principal trading firm and one of the world’s largest liquidity providers in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Our demanding, sophisticated work continuously puts us to the test. We wouldn’t have it any other way. We. Love. This. Job.

Our highly motivated people hold the key to our success. Let’s meet one of them!


Personal Details

Name: Freek Niewerth

Date of Birth: 6 December 1984

Place of Birth: Amersfoort



Bachelor of of Science, Agrotechnology. Wageningen University.

Master of of Science, Agrotechnology. Wageningen University.


How did you become a Flow Trader?

I have a knack for numbers and I wanted to make money by focussing on my numerical skills.

After completing my degree, a recruitment agency contacted me and introduced me to Flow Traders.

Having played basketball on a high level means I have a winner’s mentality. Combine this with a passion for numbers and I feel right at home here.


How long have you been part of the team?

Last April I celebrated my six-year anniversary at Flow Traders.


What makes Flow Traders unique?

Flow Traders’ horizontal structure stimulates sharing ideas with anyone, from your colleagues to the CEO. This open atmosphere also means you have to take full responsibility for your actions. When you do not deliver, people will tell you and vice versa. It is an effective way of working.


What depicts a typical Flow Trader?

Someone who cannot stand losing and is always looking for innovative solutions. He is sharp as a knife and quick on his feet.


Describe a typical working day

I usually cycle to work an arrive at 07:30. We start preparing things for the trading day, and make sure we are ready at 09:00 AM. It does not mean that when the clock strikes 09:00 all hell breaks loose. When you look at ten trading days, an average of five are relatively quiet – meaning you can develop new concepts and improve existing strategies – four days are filled with actual trading and one day is pure madness. As a trader you live for this one day. 

When people hear I am a trader, they often assume it is a stressful job, but that is only partly true. The quieter days allow you to prepare for the mad days, when you have to keep your cool while switching from one thing to the next. Traders love to feel the adrenalin rush that comes with a busy trading day.


Do you have any plans for the future?

Next to the daily tasks of a trader, I enjoy educating junior traders or doing interviews. Being a senior trader means you get more freedom and responsibility. You get to make important decisions which ultimately shape the future of Flow Traders. 

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