Management traineeship Rabobank

Management traineeship Rabobank
- On 14 November 2014
Management traineeship Rabobank 0


“The first attributes that come to mind are “fast-paced” and “diverse”. The traineeship is packed with a variety of activities, which follow each other at a high tempo. Your role and your environment change every 8 months. Along with this, you get to experience a new culture, as each department tends to be different from the other. On the side, you attend trainings or information sessions almost on a weekly basis. The trainings, of course, vary in nature. Some target personal development, others focus on professional knowledge and skills. You are also given freedom and are actually encouraged to seek opportunities to add value to the bank and, together with the other trainees, organize events, carry out self-initiated projects or whatever else makes you shine and others benefit from.”


Development and expectation

“This traineeship turned out to be, among others, a journey to self-discovery. It has taught me that we already have within ourselves all that is needed to be successful, some parts just need to be activated. Through the nature of the assignments and trainings, you are constantly pushed outside your comfort zone and stimulated to grow. The traineeship also provides a breadth of knowledge which continues to expand every day. I expect in the coming period, with the second and third assignment I will get a better picture of the type of role that fits me best, and along the way I will become a better individual and professional.” 

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