Manager Bain & Company te Amsterdam

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- On 20 November 2014
Manager Bain & Company te Amsterdam 2.5

Peter, Manager Bain & Company in Amsterdam

Why Bain?

The passion Bain employees display is the main reason I chose to work at Bain.  It is amazing to see how consistent this is across offices, cultures, and individual people.  It is this shared passion that allows you to easily connect with others and learn - across the world!

My passion

I get energized by driving change and making things happen.  Bain presents you with many opportunities to do so on many different levels. For me, the following aspects are the most important:

1) Positively impacting a client's business, across all levels of the organization:  It is tremendously motivating to hear clients are changing the way they work based on your advice.

2) Leadership opportunities:  Bain fosters an environment where you can help others to succeed.  On your team, you'll get the chance to guide people and help them grow throughout the project.  It is fantastic to see other people develop and take on more responsibility.

My favorite case

I recently supported one of our clients in defining a strategy to grow a relatively small part of their business into one of the pillars of the organization.  It was a classic Bain case: Define the business and assess the client's current position and likelihood of success in the market.

Together with the client, we formulated an overall strategy, which we then helped to implement across their operating countries.  Working with managing directors in five different countries with vastly different cultures - while continuing to drive progress in defining the strategy and implementation - was a personal highlight. It is fantastic to watch an organization react to your support and acknowledge how you've helped to define their future success!

My personal results story

I organized an event for our office in Barcelona.  Making sure everyone was always entertained - and at the right place at the right time - was quite a challenge!  What you really learn at such an event is to focus on the essentials.  You can easily drown in the details, but recognizing the key elements and making sure those are arranged to perfection is a skill you can use throughout your career.

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