The most important lesson: 'keep it simple' McKinsey & Company

The most important lesson: 'keep it simple' McKinsey & Company
- On 27 November 2014
The most important lesson: 'keep it simple' McKinsey & Company 0

Marijn, MD, Erasmus University Rotterdam; PhD Medical Research, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company

Why I decided to apply

While doing research and working in a hospital I realized that science and health care could use some more speed, team work and business sense. I decided that I would love to take a look at health care from a totally different perspective.

My first thought when I started at McKinsey

“Great that they gave me a laptop, car keys and BlackBerry, but what am I actually supposed to do?”

Skill I never thought I’d have

I would have never thought that I would say anything smart on finance! I remember once writing a memo on a financial topic and discussing it with the CFO of the hospital. I was only able to do this because some people from the Corporate Finance Practice helped me and I’d just completed my business training at the firm during the “miniMBA” program.

What next?

I would love to become an engagement manager and maybe try to start a family.

Most important lesson I learned from a client

Keep it simple…

Favorite movie

The Hangover

Favorite website for 5-20 minutes of inspiration.

Outside McKinsey activities

Have a picnic in the Vondelpark, cycle around, have drinks and gossip with my friends, read everything from airport books to literature.

Favorite restaurant/ bar/club in the Netherlands

I love Saskia’s Huiskamer; it is like a living room, cozy, and you can help in the kitchen or be lazy and skip the dishes.


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