Principal Bain & Company Amsterdam

Principal Bain & Company Amsterdam
- On 14 November 2014
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Barbara, Principal Bain & Company: I chose consulting because I thought it would allow me to learn everything about business in the shortest possible time. 

Why Bain?

I chose consulting because I thought it would allow me to learn everything about business in the shortest possible time. With a non-business background (I mastered in Chinese Studies) this was an important goal for my first job.  I chose for Bain because of the people - the high levels of energy and positive spirit of the people I met were contagious and I knew this is a place where I would be happy.  And Bain did not disappoint, after nearly 12 years in the job I still love going to work every day. I am also still learning a lot.

My favorite case

My last case was one that I would rate a 10 out of 10.  It is rare that everything comes together and that you really see the flywheel in motion: excellent results, excited client, motivated team, in turn creating even more excellent results. It is hard to pinpoint what made it such a success but I think the energy and tremendous passion the whole team displayed was certainly a major contributor. Our clients repeatedly said they were amazed at how much commitment we put into the work. In fact they were amazed that the Consultants were more excited about the project than they themselves were.

My perspective on diversity at Bain

I am our office's leader of Bain's women program and I am passionate about promoting women in our firm. I believe Bain does a fantastic job on this dimension and is very creative in, for example, thinking through ways to add flexibility to the job or ensuring that all of our women have access to a strong mentorship program. Our "build your own Bain" approach is particularly differentiated - pursuing a career at your own pace and under your own  terms is something that resonates particularly well with our women, including myself.

A final thought

I have been with Bain for nearly 12 years now and I am amazed at how much I continue to learn and grow every day. I never thought when I joined Bain as an undergrad that I would end up staying for so long or that I could look back on such a rewarding journey. My advice to you is to be relaxed and enjoy the ride. Many great opportunities will come along your way - just make sure you grab them and make the most of each one!

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