Senior Associate Consultant Bain & Company

Senior Associate Consultant Bain & Company
- On 20 November 2014
Senior Associate Consultant Bain & Company 0

Why Bain?

I chose to do an internship at Bain to see whether strategy consulting would be the right thing for me; and after my experience, I was completely convinced to join Bain. The company's culture is in my opinion, unique. Aside from the great work,  its the people that make working here such a pleasure.

My passion

I am very passionate about traveling, experiencing new things, and going after new opportunities. In my student years, I lived for a while in Sydney and I have also travelled a lot in New Zealand. In addition, I love diving, running and having good times with friends. Working at Bain means constantly facing new challenges and travelling to new places, so I am definitly at the right place.

My favorite case

My first case at Bain was for a large media company. We defined their new company strategy for the upcoming years. As this was a highly visible case, both inside and outside the organization, there was a lot of attention on our work. It is great to see  the impact you can have by collaborating with your clients, even if they all have different stakes.

My personal results story

On my first case I was responsible for designing a new management report and defining KPIs  for the board. Most important was to make sure the whole organization saw the value of the new monthly report as they were going to be used for many years. After going to several meetings in my first months at Bain to convince people of this new board report, it is now being fully implemented.

My perspective on diversity at Bain

People from all over the globe work at Bain with very different backgrounds and passions. All these people work great together so no matter what your background is, you will probably feel at home.

A final thought

In the end, you can have a lot of rational reasons as to why you want to work somewhere. But, I believe some important conditions must be met: you should trust your feeling and let that be the most important factor in your decision.

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