Senior Associate Consultant Bain & Company

Senior Associate Consultant Bain & Company
- On 20 November 2014
Senior Associate Consultant Bain & Company 0

Margriet, Senior Associate Consultant Amsterdam Bain & Company: 

Why Bain?

The most important reason for me, to choose Bain, was the people. This is an answer many of my colleagues have given but it's true. For me, it was really important to have a good fit with my future colleagues. After starting at Bain, I realized I made the right decision. The office culture and atmosphere is unique.

Another reason I chose Bain is because they give you the opportunity to plan and follow your own personal development path. This could mean, for example, doing an MBA in your third or fourth year, or choosing to go on a transfer.

My passion

My biggest passion, outside of the office, is traveling and meeting people from other cultures. During an 8 month trip around the world, I saw beautiful landscapes and remote villages but in the end I realized that the people I met 'made my trip'.

In the office my passion is working with people from different backgrounds, who share a true passion for their job, and who are committed to getting the work done.

My favorite case

I am currently working on a strategy project for a telecommunications player in the Netherlands.

My personal results story

Changing from a 'university-mindset' in which every detail of a problem is important to the 80/20 approach of solving problems was a big challenge for me in my first weeks at Bain. My colleagues helped me work on this and together we worked hard to meet the deadline. I'm sure I can learn a lot from them in the future and I hope to add more value over time.

A final thought

Take your time finding out what kind of career you want to pursue and get to know the particular companies during recruiting events. This helps you to find out in which industry and what company you 'fit' best.

When you decide to apply at a strategy consultancy firm, don't be afraid of the case interview. Being prepared and having practiced some case interviews with a fellow student helped me a lot.

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