Senior Associate Consultant Bain & Company

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- On 20 November 2014
Senior Associate Consultant Bain & Company 2

Reinier, Senior Associate Consultant Bain & Company in Amsterdam

Why Bain?

I joined Bain because of the passion for results and team work that runs throughout the organization. Bain has brought together across the globe a diverse and exceptionally talented group of people, bound by a very strong "can do" culture - I am building friendships for life.

In addition, even coming from industry, Bain fully supports you in your career ambitions, including continuous learning, pursuing an MBA and transferring abroad. I have felt welcome at Bain since the day I started, and feel strengthened by the creativity, ambition and fun around me!

My favorite case

In Fall 2009, we advised a recently acquired Fast Moving Consumer Goods player in Europe to achieve its full potential. We first assessed the profitability and full potential of the product portfolio on a country by country basis closely working with the sales & marketing and production departments. We subsequently identified the key growth and turnaround priorities in the short and medium term, working with the strategy team to define a target P&L. Finally, we managed to create buy-in throughout the organisation through extensive presentations and interview sessions.

My role, modelling the profitability and future P&L analyses, was key to the project and a major learning experience. As other team members sourced data and insights from the organization, the project required extensive collaboration, especially in combination with much time pressure. Being able to provide the client with new insights on a daily basis was extremely rewarding; the organisation noticeably changed course throughout the assignment, and we received an outstanding amount of praise for our work.  Importantly, while our team remained focused on client results, we also spent much time reviewing our ways of working, continuously striving to keep a healthy balance!

A final thought

Bain has a surprisingly down-to-earth, no-nonsense and direct culture. Inspiring us to being "at cause", the organization truly rewards initiative, creativity and ingenuity - while having a lot of fun! My best advice to applicants would be to interview with several firms to gain valuable interviewing experience but more importantly to find out which culture you feel fits your character and ambition best!

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