Top contract biller at Amoria Bond

Top contract biller at Amoria Bond
- On 06 February 2015
Top contract biller at Amoria Bond 0

A top contract biller about his success at Amoria Bond

I won’t lie; the first 6 months were really difficult. New market, new CRM system, new processes and a whole new way of working. Amoria Bond really does have a work hard play hard ethic but the thing you notice is that everyone here really comes in to the office and gets their head down. There is a palpable sense of pride in everyone that works here which, trust me, is unique and I attribute this to a lot of my colleagues, and the company’s success - that and hard work, determination and resilience. With a continuous training and development programme, some of which has been specifically tailored to my experience, coupled with one on one mentoring has helped me grow, learn and realise my true potential. I am now 13 months with Amoria Bond and it is with a sense of pride that I can say I managed to meet almost all of my goals I set out to achieve in my first year. I am now top contract biller in the company, billing just over 9k WGP with very real and tangible scope to not only bill more revenue in my new market but also to bring on a team and advance into a management function. There are even opportunities for me to set up a new division. Basically, the sky is the limit and I intend of seizing it with both hands!

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