Trainee at ING Commercial Banking

Trainee at ING Commercial Banking
- On 09 July 2015
Trainee at ING Commercial Banking 5

Karin Tjeerdsema

Business Course participant 2012

Trainee at ING Commercial Banking


How it all started…

While studying, I have been actively participating in various events to learn about the business perspective and get a better feeling of the different jobs and organizations. When finalising my Masters in Economics, I had figured out tree things; I wanted to start in the financial sector, was eager to increase my knowledge and get a steep learning curve, while working in an international environment. As I learned more about the ING International Talent Program (IITP) I got more and more enthusiast about it, as this seemed to perfectly capture all three aspects. But still many general questions remained, especially because I had no previous experience in the banking sector. So I was wondering how it would be, working for a bank at a time that newspapers headline ‘a banker is the enemy of the civilian’? What the ambiance would be like? How the various departments within the bank are interconnected and how they fit within the ‘one bank’ strategy?  But also more IITP specific questions such as ‘what opportunities does the traineeship offer? And how do the various tracks overlap and differ from each other? Luckily ING organises a business course with focus on the IITP, so I immediately decided to subscribe.

Experiencing the 3-day business course

During the three days program, we were offered an insight in the organization of ING Bank, what they have to offer to graduates, how working at ING would feel like and how other trainees have experienced the program. During these days we were provided with information about the traineeship and listened to interesting speakers on topics varying from IT & Customer Centricity to the Dutch Banking Code and its impact on the organization. In teams we actively participated in various business cases which allowed us to get hands on experience and for which in-depth solutions were requested, challenging our understanding and knowledge on different aspects. We got to interview managers and directors from various business lines and pitch our results to board members. All our remaining questions concerning the tracks, ING spirit, basically just anything, we could fire away to trainees during the tracks-specific speed date session, but also while dining and more informally during the drinks later on the days/early nights. The organization managed to also include teambuilding and feedback sessions in the program, contributing to the personal development of each individual. 

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