Werkervaring Business Unit Manager Amoria Bond

Werkervaring Business Unit Manager Amoria Bond
- On 06 February 2015
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Business Unit Manager tells about his experience at Amoria Bond

Early in 2012 I decided to relocate abroad and researched potential employers who were located in the countries I wanted to live in. I had been aware of Amoria Bond from the very beginning and had closely followed the company’s impressive growth with a keen interest. Upon meeting the directors, I quickly realised that this company is run by individuals whose ambition and philosophy for running a recruitment business closely matches my own so it was clear to me that Amoria Bond was the next logical step for my career. I decided to join Amoria Bond for a number of reasons; the opportunity to grow my career at a faster pace, the training and development on offer, which is unrivalled, and the opportunity to significantly increase my earning potential. Finally, and in retrospect one of the main reasons to join Amoria Bond is the people, from Director to Sales Support you will have to go a long way to find a more down to earth, hard working organisation which shares the same common goal; to be the best (whilst having a lot of fun). 

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