Werkervaring consultant Bain & Company

Werkervaring consultant Bain & Company
- On 20 November 2014
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Why Bain?
If you ever wondered what teamwork truly means, Bain is the place to live it. Colleagues are always supportive and that creates an amazing place to work, during the cases as well as afterwards in the bars. Fun is a very important factor at our office; you might say that everyone in our office is "'a little crazy." Out of all the 80 consultants there is no one with whom I would not want to work.

My passion
My passion is to understand the world around me and to be able to change parts of it. During my physics studies I got to understand the elemental building blocks of our physical world. At Bain I'm currently learning the building blocks that drive our business world. The diversity of industries and breadth of cases really provides me with a broad experience and steep learning trajectory. Next to that our cases are creating a lasting impact on a strategic level, and it's exciting to be a part of that.

My favorite case
My favorite case was in publishing. We defined and implemented a 3-year strategy plan. We cracked the case with the client in a short timeframe and persuaded the client to make some bold decisions. In addition, we supported the client to implement the strategy. I really experienced the direct impact of our work. We worked with a fantastic team, with a lot of humor and very rewarding client relations.

A final thought
In choosing a job, know your ambition and passion and choose your place to work where you feel you have a real click with your colleagues.

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