Werkervaring manager Bain & Company

Werkervaring manager Bain & Company
- On 20 November 2014
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Why Bain?
Bain is a thought leader among strategy consulting firms.  What attracts me most to Bain is the way it distills clear actionable insights from strategic theory, and drives those insights to hard results. I believe this is considerably more difficult than blue-sky strategic thinking, and delivers real value to our corporate clients, who are winners in their respective industries.

Second, Bain achieves this with talented, accommodating, truly extraordinary teams. Bain is a tough way of life, but tough for the right reasons - tough because we are ambitious and have taken it upon ourselves to solve the least tractable problems of the corporate world. But the Bain team is also the safest of harbours, the best of sounding boards, a veritable powerhouse of talent. I find the Bain environment truly supportive of my career considerations.

My passion
I am part of the Amsterdam Green Team involved in rolling out sustainable initiatives within office, and I do believe the team is an extension of my own green gene. We educate the office on all things sustainable, ranging from office stationery to energy-efficient lighting. Every small initiative goes a long way in keeping the planet green.

My favorite case
I recently worked with a niche chemical company.  It had made a technological breakthrough that could enable it to grow to several multiples of its current size in the short-medium term.  They needed a roadmap for growth, and guidance on how to evaluate different growth options.  The case was invaluable in the perspective it gave me: Growth is heady, but the wrong approach to growth often leads to disaster. Growth - especially supernormal growth - needs to be managed carefully.

My personal results story
On the same case, I worked with the client in developing a long term view in his industry, accounting for the disruptive new technologies.  Much later, I feel validated seeing the predictions we had made come true, and the strategic plan we had conceived many months ago come alive.  Bain is indeed about results, and when I live that experience case after case, it gives me an extraordinary feeling of accomplishment.

A final thought
When you are applying for Bain, show your enthusiasm!  Just as much as we value high achievers, we also love people who wear their heart on their sleeve. Good luck!

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