Werkervaring senior associate consultant Bain & Company

Werkervaring senior associate consultant
- On 20 November 2014
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Why Bain?
A career in consulting is very demanding. Therefore I found it important to be working in a fun environment with the most passionate and enthusiastic people in the industry. Bain provides that kind of environment and I experience it every day. Moreover, the result oriented way of working makes Bain not only stand out as a firm but helps you learn faster as well!

My passion
In my spare time I love to play tennis, go to the gym, shopping, going out with friends, and travelling to the finest places on our globe.

My favorite case
My favorite case was a huge 4-week due diligence in the Rotterdam harbor. This case showcase for me the unique Bain approach. With very limited information and a short time-span we managed to get a good overview of the target's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This really helped the investor understanding the business and its competitive environment.

My personal results story
On my first case I investigated the competitive environment of our client. Since information was very scarce it seemed a difficult job, especially for a beginner. After two days of continuous research I found a few data points that proved to be incredibly valuable to our client. The partner on the case emphasized this during the client meeting, really cool stuff!

A final thought
Come and meet our people. Experience for yourself why Bain folks are so passionate about their work!

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