‘GM Track – Why did I apply for this track?’.

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Name: Alexandra Krijgsman

Track: General Management (GM track)

Studied: Public Administration (Bachelor) and Human Resource Management (Master)

Trainee year: 1 (2021)

During my bachelors in Public Administration it became clear to me that the public sector did not really suit me well. To change course a bit, I started a masters in Human Resource Management where I noticed that my interest lies in motivating and managing groups while taking into account everyone’s talents. It was therefore obvious to look for a management traineeship. But why the General Management Traineeship at NN Group? 

The GM track programme

An important reason is that the traineeship consists of multiple rotations. It was a positive surprise to me that the trainee has a big impact in the assignment that he or she gets to take on. To make sure you get to settle in the company, the first assignment is chosen by the trainee management based on your background and your interviews during the application procedure. For the second assignment the Traineeship management will look for a suitable assignment together with you! For the third assignment you have the freedom to find the perfect assignment that suits your interests. You even get the opportunity to do an assignment outside the Netherlands!  

These rotations give you the opportunity to get to know the company, learn about the different business units, create a large network, investigate what you have to offer to the company, and find out what you would like to do after the traineeship. As I was not exactly sure what type of position would suit me best after finishing my masters, a traineeship was a really good solution for me as this enabled me to learn a lot about myself and the company in a short period of time. 

Personal Development 

Another reason that made me apply for this traineeship is the personal development programme. A lot of effort is being put in the personal development of all trainees. For example buddies, a personal coach, and the development programme of Schouten are there to make sure you get to develop yourself to become an even better version of yourself! 

The curriculum of the traineeship, the personal development programme, and the friendly company culture made me apply for this traineeship and I have zero regrets with the decision I made! So I would recommend anyone interested in a management traineeship to apply!

Are you interested in a traineeship at NN Group or do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact me at Alexandra.Krijgsman@nn-group.com

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