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Het schrijven van een motivatiebrief kan erg lastig zijn. Je moet niet te hebberig overkomen en het is ook niet de bedoeling dat je gaat slijmen. Recruiters prikken hier namelijk zo doorheen. Ga jij binnenkort solliciteren bij een internationaal bedrijf? Leg jouw Engelse motivatiebrief naast dit voorbeeld en de baan is al zo goed als binnen!

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Amsterdam, June the 23rd 2015

Subject: Application Online Marketing

Dear Sir/Madam

By the means of an advertisement on Google I came to know about [Company Name]. A growing, international company that had directly drawn my attention. After visiting and browsing through the website of [Company Name], I had seen a vacancy for Online Marketeer. The job requirements fit my profile and by the means of this letter i would like to apply for this job.

In 2012 I started with the Bachelor International Business and Management. During this study I have been living in Valencia for half a year, where I did an internship as Online Marketeer. From that particular moment I knew that Online Marketing was my thing. In Valencia I have learned to work with Google Analytics, content on websites, social media and different marketing campaigns.

Besides the experience I got from doing an internship abroad, I have been in the Board of Directors of the Students’ Corps SSRA. I had also been Event Manager before. During this role i have organized eight events, several readings and several workshops and besides that i created a new corporate style for the Students’ Corps. By the experience I got form organizing those events and achieving my targets, I learned to work in an innovative, efficient, creative and result-oriented way.

The function appeals to me because of the fact that the process of optimizing websites, working with Google Analytics, producing content and making sure that the customer gets the best possible service are my main interests. On those points I have already got some experience, coming from the internship as Online Marketeer in Valencia. I could most certainly use my experience with working with for example Google Analytics at [Company Name]. Besides the fact that I think I can already contribute something to your company, I would like to develop myself further in this area and learn some more. [Company Name] seems like an interesting company to me to perform those activities and increase my knowledge on particular areas. I think it is very important to use Online Marketing to promote a company like [Company Name] and to help it grow. For me personally, that is the main part where success can be achieved.

By sending this letter, I hope to have given you a clear idea of who I am and what I can do for your company. I would most certainly like to share my knowledge of Online Marketing with your company and contribute to the further growth of [Company Name]. I hope that this application will give you a reason to invite me for a personal conversation. I look forward to discussing my qualifications with you personally and how I can apply them to your organization.

I would love to hear from you.

Yours faithfully,


[First name + surname]

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