Essential Interview Tips From L’oréal Recruiters

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1. Show your strengths… and your weaknesses 
It’s important to show all sides of your personality in an interview, your strengths as well as areas where you think you could improve, says Michael Kienly, Human Resources Director at L’Oréal.

2. Tell your story 
Potential employers need to be inspired by your accomplishments, so L’Oréal Brazil’s Talent Acquisition Manager Tallita Fahl Kemmer recommends you work on your storytelling.

3. Make sure there’s a match 
It’s important for a company to find a match but it’s even more important that you do. That’s why International Head of Talent Acquisition Frédérique Scavennec says be yourself and make sure the company’s culture fits yours.  

4. Market yourself 
A company needs to believe that they’re hiring the right person, so be sure to give them a good reason why you are the person for the job, says International Recruitment Director Laure Chaffanjon.

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