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When I first saw the Traineeship opportunities within NN Group, I was not aware of the company. It was brand new for the international people, yet have a long history holds for the Dutch as Nationale Nederlanden. The more I read about history, the better and big picture I had about NN. NN had a brand new vision which is ”helping people to secure their financial future”. It was really appealing to be part of this vision and transformation. After I graduated, I wanted  to do something different as a job in my life. When I checked the career page, a traineeship seemed the best suited place to start. Within the Traineeship not only one, but also two different opportunities (1,5 year within your domain, 1,5 year different field) was quite interesting for me. I had a very sincere and clear application process.

I got my first assignment in NN life pensions, Change&IT department as IT Management Trainee. In this task, I was responsible for managing near-shore transition of IT services within the department. Next to my assignment, I was motivated to get more tasks. With support of the management, I had the chance to be part of creating a digital vision within NN life and transforming the way of working (from traditional to agile) within the department. I had very insightful learning within my experience. When my assignment was over, I moved to NN Reinsurance which is a completely different working environment. Diversity of 26 nationalities, open minded people and collaboration among colleagues are quite high in this organization. Within NN Re, I continue to doing my profession as Project- & Change Manager. Currently, I’m responsible for running several projects on the platforms that support business in daily life.

The Traineeship is a wonderful opportunity to start a career within NN. It is the door opener for further possibilities in the organization. It is great pleasure to work within NN, since all of my colleagues follows our values “care, clear, commit”.  If you want to be part of the change within NN, apply today to the traineeship. For further questions and want to explore more, don’t hesitate to contact with me for coffee or as dutch says “kennismaken”.

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