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Just like the individual pieces on a chess board, everyone at ASML has his or her own personal strengths. But because everyone is so friendly and eager to help, even as an intern you feel part of one big team. Also, just as each chess piece has its own job to do, as an intern you will also be given a genuine task – one that really contributes to the company’s success. It won’t be just a theoretical project for the sake of filling the day. ASML is serious about enabling people to contribute.

That’s why they sent me on a two-week software training course before I started. Although it was only for two weeks, it was rather intensive and it did give me the skills to make a much more immediate contribution. That’s also one of the things I’ve noticed at ASML – when they decide to do something, they do it wholeheartedly, with a real strategy to succeed. I don’t think that there are many companies that would be willing to pay an external company to pre-train their interns.


Last year several students from my university in Shanghai did internships at ASML. And they were all very enthusiastic about the company. They all said good things about the people and the facilities. They said that everyone – including interns – has access to first-class facilities. So, with all these good reports I looked for an intern project on the ASML website that I thought would suit me and I applied.

Advice to others

If you want to do a successful internship at ASML you have to be able to strike a balance between independence and cooperation. You have to be able to work intensely on your own to first understand the scope and depth of your project, only then can you make the most of the expert support from your coach, mentor and colleagues. You have to do intense work on your own to know the right questions to ask.

Best memory?

My group! I will always remember the group I’m working alongside. Albert: he is just so focused you can’t help but get enthused yourself by his attitude. Johan: he can see things instantly and pin-point the tiniest of errors, which has helped me many times. Walter: he’s so effortlessly efficient, and a great role-model. And then there is Perry: he is what we call the “pistachio” of the group, always keeping everyone in a good mood. I will always remember these guys and how they have helped me.

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