Steve Chen Trading Systems Engineer bij Flow Traders

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Career and Education

Electronic Trading Support. Merrill Lynch, Sydney.
Application Delivery Analyst. J.P. Morgan, New York City.
BA Computer Science. Boston University.

Flow Traders’ strong company culture was described to me over the phone, during my first interview. I could not have known what it meant until I personally experienced it. That was when I realized that its culture – in addition to other things – is what makes Flow Traders unique. It is hard to describe. People are generally quite personable, there are no walls. Everyone is working towards the same goal.

Flow Traders is a relaxed office compared to where I previously worked and had to wear formal clothes every single day. Here, you can be yourself and just wear a t-shirt and jeans; something I immediately noticed when I came in for my second interview. The level of professionalism is the same, apart from the fact that at Flow Traders people do not shout at each other. ‘Mutual respect’ is the term that springs to mind.

Flow Traders’ benefits help a lot, as they offer people a place to congregate. Working out in the in-house gym for example or having a drink at our in-house bar. It is a great way to talk to people from other departments that you normally do not regularly interact with. And when you have a stressful day, it helps to go to the gym and do a couple of push ups or punch a bag, before returning to your desk. These are nice perks, something we can all share in.

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