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Flow Traders is a principal trading firm and one of the world’s largest liquidity providers in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Our demanding, sophisticated work continuously puts us to the test. We wouldn’t have it any other way. We. Love. This. Job.

Our highly motivated people hold the key to our success. Let’s meet one of them!

Personal Details

Name: Dennis Leman

Date of Birth: 7 January 1982

Place of Birth: Leidschendam


Bachelor of Science, Business Informatics. Utrecht University.

Master of Science, Quantitative Finance. Erasmus University, Rotterdam.

How did you become a Flow Trader?

Soon after I started working as a developer, I came to the conclusion that this line of work was not for me. I was quite successful at playing poker at the time, and I made more money doing doing that than I did as a developer. I started looking for new challenges and the financial industry has always interested me. That is why I decided to get my Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance and apply for a job at Flow Traders.

How long have you been part of the team?

About three years ago.

What makes Flow Traders unique?

Flow Traders not only allows you to take initiative, it is actually expected of you. In many ways you are encouraged to pursue your dreams and turn them into a success. From what I hear, other trading firms do not share this entrepreneurial vision. At Flow Traders we all go for the same goals and have each other’s back. This adds to the positive atmosphere in our office.

What depicts a typical Flow Trader?

I cannot describe the quintessential Flow Traders, as our characters range from nerdy to preppy. Although one trait that every Flow Trader possesses is being headstrong. Next to that, we are all assertive and not afraid to work hard.

Describe a typical working day

Today is quite a low-key day, even though we are already focussing on some events that will happen over the next two weeks. These quieter times allow us to do some important research, so we are fully prepared when things actually do get busy.

Next to that, we recently welcomed a new junior trader at our desk. We are teaching him the basics of how we work and show him how it is done.

What attracts you in this work?

Not only do we get the opportunity to introduce new strategies, we are also allowed to test these out in real life. I really enjoy my daily activities; doing research, coming up with innovative ideas, the immediate response we get, the discussions with colleagues and further developing our strategies. Although we work in small teams, we can still make a huge impact. That is really cool!

Do you have any plans for the future?

I keep learning every day and this business keeps evolving. That is why I see myself working here as a trader for many years to come.

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