Unique culture at Arthur D. Little

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Flat hierarchies, consulting with a partnership approach and a close-knit family atmosphere have always been essential elements of our corporate culture. We allow all of our consultants plenty of space in which to develop their individual personalities. Interesting projects and one-on-one support play a major role in our company, providing incentives for our employees to dig deeper and to address issues openly.

Our motto is: always think one step ahead. What sets us apart and what our clients notice immediately is the curiosity, boldness, sense of responsibility and motivation of our employees.

Our consultants’ development opportunities further set us apart. Our International Mobility Program allows our consultants to work in one of our 28 offices worldwide. This helps them to gain valuable experience in working with international teams. This internationality is also apparent in our everyday project business.

The following values are what make our work as leading management consultants unique:

  1. Customer orientation
    We achieve sustainable results, and that is what makes the difference.
  2. Quality
    We go the extra mile in order to exceed our customers’ expectations.
  3. Independence
    Ethics define our actions and we stand by our values.
  4. Integrity
    Our appearance is engaging and friendly.
  5. Sustainability
    We focus on results rather than mere presentation.
  6. Teamwork
    We work on solutions together and incorporate each participant’s individuality within the Arthur D. Little team and with the client.
  7. Leadership
    We aim to be among the top three in each market segment.
  8. Employee concerns
    The competence, intelligence and creativity of our employees are the key factors in our success. We therefore fully support each of our employees individually.
  9. Pride
    We work on the future of our company and we are proud of our origins.
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