Arnout Tilgenkamp Quantitative Researcher bij Flow Traders

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Career and Education
Quantitative (Equity) Analyst. NN Investment Partners.
Quant Strategic Advice Specialist. NN Investment Partners.
MSc Econometrics and Management Science. Erasmus University, Rotterdam.
BSc Econometrics and Operations Research. Erasmus University, Rotterdam.

Flow Traders’ positive working environment is unique. Even though we are naturally competitive, this never gets in the way of our work or relationships. Flow Traders’ relaxed atmosphere is a direct result of our passion for what we do. The fact that we thoroughly enjoy our work, reduces any kind of pressure. The amount of freedom we get to experiment and take ownership of what we create, helps too.

Flow Traders pushes us to be team-oriented. At the same time, we are expected to show initiative, present innovative ideas and start testing new strategies. We do not need permission from several persons to get started. Flow Traders trusts us to take full ownership of what we do and therefore gives us plenty of space.

At Flow Traders, you can instantly see the results of what you bring to the table. The fact that when I present a new quant-model to help our business, I only need to discuss it with one person, do a quick test with a trader and the whole thing is launched within a week’s time, is very satisfying.

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