Stanislaw Laniewski Quantitative Researcher Flow Trader

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Career and Education

Actuarial Affairs Specialist. Allianz, Warsaw.
MSc Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance. University of Amsterdam.
BSc Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems. SGH Warsaw School of Economics.
Double BSc in Mathematics and Economics. University of Warsaw.

I like the competitive element in my current position. I have always enjoyed playing games, participating in tournaments, and so on. At Flow Traders, I am no different. But this time I am not competing against an individual. Here, we are all working together to beat the market. We function as a team and keep pushing each other to perform better.

Facilities like our in-house gym are great. A healthy body stimulates a healthy mind. It would be difficult to continually focus on our work throughout the week, when there is no time to physically exercise and unwind. These sports facilities are perfect, as everyone at Flow Traders is naturally competitive. We can enjoy trying to beat competition and work in teams, but in a different setting.

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