What is a Traineeship group?

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Name: Fenny Campman

Track: General Management

Studied: Marketing

Trainee year: 2019


Imagine going for a rollercoaster ride with your family. Some family members might be scared at first, others maybe totally not. There might be some family members that scream during the ride because of excitement whereas others might stay quite calm. Maybe there is a nephew that has never been in a rollercoaster before, whereas other cousins have rode a thousand rollercoasters  already. Everyone handles the situation, going into a terrifying big rollercoaster, differently. However, if you bundle these personalities, you can increase everyone’s experience of the rollercoaster ride.

This is how I perceive our trainee group. Our group consists of seven General Management trainees, three Investment trainees and eight Finance/Risk trainees. Totaling six nationalities from all over the world and none of us have the exact same educational background. So, we are quite diverse.


It’s already like a little family!

The funny thing about our group is that we probably would have never ended up together if it wasn’t for the traineeship. We all have totally different personalities. It’s like a little family. We didn’t choose to be in a group together, but we are. Just like with normal families, you have the ones that are quite distant, and the ones that are really close and feel more like friends. Our trainee family belongs to the latter category.


Highs, maybe even loopings but also lows

We’re seven weeks in at the moment of writing this. It sounds super cheesy, but it is actually true, we already experienced highs, maybe even loopings, and lows together. We had crazy drinks, a nice dinner cooked by one of us and an intense introduction week. Ten of us are going on a ski trip together already, and we also have a trip planned to Brussels by one of our trainees. We also had lots of coffees at the office, just to check in with each other, sometimes to blow of some steam, to get advice or just brainstorm about situations. For me, the first weeks of the traineeship were just a rollercoaster of emotions. But knowing that I have the trainee group that will always have my back, really comforts me. Why? Because I know that we all are in the same rollercoaster.

If you have any questions about the amazing rollercoaster ride the General Management traineeship at NN has to offer you, don’t hesitate to contact me on fenny.campman@nn-group.com.


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