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Q: What drew you to Strategy&?
A: I made the switch from industry, expecting a steep learning curve, but also hoping for insights into other industries and companies. I haven’t been disappointed. You can be involved in transforming an organization, from strategy and concept development right through to implementation. My current project proves the point: we’ve just been engaged as a change agent to see our ideas through.

Q: What are the most important things you’ve learned since joining Strategy&?
A: Colleagues and managers in Strategy& have made me much more aware of what I might be able to achieve. For example, feedback on my leadership style from my team and clients really helped me move forward. There’s also the process of working together to solve tricky problems. You can learn a lot from other people’s perspectives.

Q: What would be your tips for success at Strategy&?
A: Make the most of the opportunity to have a range of experiences. There’s real diversity in the business but, as you move from area to area, you’ll find the same level of respect offered to all members of a team, regardless of seniority.

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