Fluor Business Management traineeship – Lore Keijzers

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Ready to get your hands dirty? Then the Fluor Business Management traineeship might be the perfect fit for you! Back in 2016, the program appealed to me as I would be able to combine my engineering knowledge with my commercial / strategic interests and urge to produce some tangible results. The program has lived up to its expectations!

If not for the program, I would never have had the stretch of diverse experiences in executing the large and complex projects Fluor is famous for, in just 1.5 years. I have been taken seriously and got real responsibilities from the start. One of my first roles was to coordinate material supply to a module yard in China, prefabrication shop in Germany and site location the Netherlands. I experienced first-hand that you actively have to manage cultural differences in your daily job. In my short time with Fluor, I also got to make estimates for potential projects and ‘defend’ those in office management reviews. At the moment I am on assignment to a construction site in Rotterdam, where I am responsible for the commercials for multiple contracts, resulting in daily interaction with Client, Contractor and Fluor Project Management.

Next to these challenging rotational assignments, the traineeship also brings ample training opportunities, helps creating an international professional network and challenges you to improve business practices. Within Fluor, I have met great colleagues from all over the world for which many awesome social events are being organized, such as a weekend away on a site visit to Antwerp and a football tournament against other Fluor offices in Spain. And if you feel something is still missing in the program or office, you will always be given the chance to improve the status-quo. Sound interesting? Feel free to contact me, visit the In-house Day or apply for the traineeship. I hope to talk to you soon.

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