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We follow the HP way by working together to create a culture of inclusion, building trust with other departments and respecting them in every single interaction we have. We strive for excellence in all we do: personally, I do my best because I work with talented people! That makes me challenge myself and learn, grow and be better each and every day! It is a struggle sometimes but I’m a firm believer that learning through experience prepares you for life, prepares you to always give that extra mile. We collaborate effectively and find ways to simplify situations. We always look for opportunities to ensure an end-to-end superb experience for our customers.

As a technology company, innovation is in our DNA. We are constantly moving and adapting to the evolving customer needs, always thinking ahead about the next significant contribution we can make to our clients. And above all, we all are honest and direct when dealing with our customers.

To be part of the finance team for me means responsibility, commitment and integrity. We review and analyze a lot of delicate information. It’s truly rewarding to know that my efforts and hard work helped not just the business, but someone’s life.

HP maintains its commitment to development and support global citizenship initiatives and make a difference to our customers, employees and the communities in which we operate. The impact of these activities is much more than a philanthropic contribution, much more than the power of positive relationships with customers and local communities: these initiatives encourage the development of a more productive global society, educated and in constant development.

For me this means that at HP, I have the opportunity to develop my professional career and the environment encourages me to be the best version of me every day. In addition, I have a chance to help others by being part of the community events, like “Food Formations”. My Tax team won the first place in a canned food construction battle, in which all of the food donated by the team was given to a specific institution. This is a great example of the team work we practice every day. I also had the chance to initiate the first corporate volleyball tournament in the company.

To find your future at HP within our Finance Team in Mexico and make a positive impact, please make sure you search and apply for an available opportunity with HP on our HP Careers portal!

About Lizeth Paredes
Lizeth Paredes is 26 years old and is part of the Tax Department within the Finance Center of Excellence. She studied International Business in the University of Guadalajara and has a degree in Finance. She is a president of the Rotaract Tlaquepaque Empresarial Club, which is an altruistic club. She is also a member of the Jovenes Empresarios CANACO. She’s starting a clothing business called Klyk Couture and when she has free time she loves, specially volleyball, which she practices since she was 10 years old.

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