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Hi, I’m Chloe, I completed the HR summer placement last summer based at 100 VE. Trust me, I understand completing a placement application can be gruelling, daunting and complicated as hell so here are a few (hopefully) helpful hints I’ve picked up along the way…


Successful placement applications take time. You need to dedicate time to research the company; their values, beliefs and standards of leadership. Additionally you need to have an in depth knowledge of your function; why you want to work in that area and how your function impacts the business as a whole. Therefore each application should take a minimum of a few days. I’d advise you to pick a handful of placements you’re most interested in and dedicate your time to completing well-researched applications.

“Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.” – Steve Jobs


At Unilever we are constantly encouraged to “live our brands”, Unilever therefore thrives on the enthusiasm. Show you’re worth investing in by having the drive to go above and beyond to deliver the highest standards of work.

“Enthusiasm glows, radiates, permeates and immediately captures everyone’s interest.”       – Paul J. Meyer


As cliché as this may sound, you need to establish if the company is right for YOU. Each company is unique and many operate in vastly different ways. As you research you’ll begin to see different focus points for companies and it’s for you to assess which are most important to you. For me personally, Unilever was fantastic because I adore its commitment to having a corporate-social responsibility and as an eternally early bird I’m a BIG fan of agile working.

From all that I have seen, time and time again, at least 90% of success derives from having a dream and knowing what you want.
– Billy Cox

Best of luck for the placement application process.


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